Hole by Hole Descriptions

Hole #1 | Par 5

The long downhill, tree-lined dog-leg to the right Par 5 is not only Avondale’s starting hole but its toughest. Favoring the left side off the tee will keep you away from the fairway bunker that guards the right side and also gives the longer player the best angle to try for the green in two.

Hole #2 | Par 4

While a relatively short Par 4, this hole requires two well placed golf shots. Groups of Pine and Eucalyptus trees guard the right side of the fairway with a fairway bunker on the left; favoring a drive to the left side of the fairway to avoid the over-hanging trees on the right. The small green is sloped from back to front and right to left and is guarded by both sand and grass bunkers.

Hole #3 | Par 3

The longest of the Par 3’s favors the golfer that can move the ball from left to right. A gigantic Eucalyptus tree guards the right side of the green along with three strategically placed greenside bunkers. With a small multi-tiered green this hole is lovingly known to the membership as “The best Par 4 on the golf course”.

Hole #4 | Par 4

With a strategically placed bunker in the middle of the fairway and another along the left side of the fairway, getting the correct distance off the tee is critical on this rolling Par 4. Although the west facing hole is not that long it usually plays straight into the wind. A well placed tee shot will give the golfer a mid to short iron into the green which requires carry over the bunker just short of the green.

Hole #5 | Par 4

Golfers that can move the ball from right to left have an advantage on this hard dog-leg left Par 4. A lake adjoins the fairway on the right side creating a narrow landing area on your drive. Splitting the fairway bunkers will give the player a straight uphill shot to the green. Knowing the pin location is important as this is one of the longest greens from front to back on the golf course.

Hole #6 | Par 4

The longest Par 4 on the front side is also uphill the entire way. Fairway bunkers protect the left side of the fairway forcing shorter hitters to go to the right. Sand bunkers to the left and right are to be avoided on your approach shot. The green is broken up into three tiers making it very important to stay below the hole with your approach.

Hole #7 | Par 4

Don’t let the beauty of the chocolate mountains in the background distract you from playing this downhill Par 4, mini-dog leg right. Playing your tee shot up the left side is a must have as a grove of Eucalyptus trees give the player that hits it to the right no shot at the wide receptive green. Keep your ball short of the hole on the approach shot as the green is sloped back-to-front.

Hole #8 | Par 3

One of Avondale’s signature holes, this beautiful Par 3’s difficulty is dependent on pin position. A left location gives the golfer a rare opening to hit one close. While a right location brings deep bunkers and water into play.

Hole #9 | Par 5

This risk reward Par 5 brings golfers back to the clubhouse. The dog-leg left gives you a generous landing area for your tee shot. Unfortunately that’s where the generosity ends as the hole narrows dramatically as you get closer to the green. Stay to the right on your lay-up if you want a chance to make a birdie.

Hole #10 | Par 4

This dog-leg left Par 4 gives the player a little of everything, a bunker to the right and a lake in front of the green are reachable off the tee. Favoring the left side on this blind tee shot will give you the best chance at having a short iron into the green. With the green guarded by water, trees, sand bunkers and grass bunkers; a short iron is a big help at escaping with a par or better.

Hole #11 | Par 4

This Par 4 requires two well executed shots. Skirting by the left trees off the tee will give you the best angle into the green. You’ll want to hit it right but beware that Out-of-Bounds is closer than it looks. The slick large green rewards those who keep the ball below the hole. Many of the members will tell you this is the toughest green on the course.

Hole #12 | Par 4

The shortest Par 4 on the course gives a quick breather to those who can hit the ball straight. A well struck tee shot will give the golfer a mid to short iron into the smallest green on the golf course. Despite the hole playing into the wind, play a little less club into the green as a ball that finds itself long will be faced with a very difficult up and down.

Hole #13 | Par 3

Solid contact is the key to reaching this long Par 3. Playing a tee shot that fades to the right will keep you away from the trees on the right and land softer on the slightly elevated green. Players that find one of the two bunkers that flank the green may find themselves playing away from the hole in order to get it close.

Hole #14 | Par 5

A long tee shot up the right side will give the golfer a chance to reach this dog-leg left Par 5 in two. The hole starts straight but then takes a sharp left 150 yards out. If your tee shot ends up in the middle of the fairway you will need to hit a draw around the strategically placed tree at the dog leg. With one of the friendliest greens on the course this is your chance to make up some lost ground.

Hole #15 | Par 3

Accuracy is a must on this uphill narrow Par 3 | the shortest hole on the course. A combination of trees to the right and deceivingly close Out of Bounds left leaves the player with one shot, straight. The three tier green | well bunkered on both sides - is generous and can reward players that can hit the green in regulation.

Hole #16 | Par 4

Hole #16 is the start of the three best finishing holes in the valley! You will need to shape it to the right here! Thick trees and a fairway bunker guard the left side as the hole moves hard right off the tee. Find the fairway and you have a beautiful downhill second shot to a big green with the clubhouse peaking through the trees in the background.

Hole #17 | Par 4

The toughest hole on the back nine requires a combination of finesse and power. Golfers are given two choices off the tee, over or around the large combination of Pine and Eucalyptus trees. The preferred play is a draw around the trees staying left of the fairway bunker that guards the right side. Once the fairway has been hit players can attack the elevated green protected by bunkers front and back. Be sure to take an extra club on your approach shot.

Hole #18 | Par 5

Avondale’s finishing hole is a long Par 5 that slides to the right back to the clubhouse. With a generous landing area players are encouraged to “grip it and rip it” off this final tee. Being a true three shot hole hitting the second shot to a yardage from the green that you’re comfortable is important. The green is narrow and very deep rewarding those with great distance control. The green is protected by bunkers on the left and a downhill slope on the right that can run down to a lake.


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